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Ashiatsu has been called “the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet”. The word Ashiatsu combines two Japanese words “ashi” – “foot” and “atsu” – “pressure”. The therapist uses clean, soft feet to apply deep, flowing strokes to the back of your body while you comfortably relax on a massage table.
    Deep Tissue Level 1 uses long firm strokes, using forearms and fingertips, concentrated in areas of pain or discomfort. The therapists may also include some Swedish massage in your session to warm up and relax your body before and after doing the focused work.
    Deep Tissue Level II – slow customized massage with attention focused on specific areas of discomfort and pain. Different techniques can be used to direct the pressure across the grain of muscles to relieve muscular pain, address soft tissue injuries and increase range of motion. These advanced techniques can involve trigger point therapy, myofascial release and/or joint mobilization applied by soft/hard fists, knuckles, elbows, or special tools on trouble spots with gradual but deep pressure.
    Sports massage is for the serious athlete. It focuses on the muscles used for a particular activity. It enhances endurance and performance, lessens chances for injury and reduces recovery time. The therapist generally uses a faster pace, shorter massage stroke geared towards a specific area of the body.
    Swedish massage breaks stress by applying long flowing strokes used to manipulate and relax muscles, relieve tension, improve blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic system.
    Prenatal massage can be very helpful in treating back muscles that become sore and tense as they counterbalance the extra weight in the abdominal area. Mothers-To-Be must be 14+ weeks (60min & 90min only) Prenatal Information Sheet found linked HERE
    Reflexology massage- with over 7,000 nerve endings, the foot is suited to this sensitive manipulation. It is generally a 30 minute massage which eases pain, reduces stress, promotes relaxation and improves circulation. A reflexology practitioner manipulates the feet of the patient. Different parts of the body can be treated by manipulating different parts of the foot.

      Thai Massage – stimulates circulation to help revitalize, heal and relax both your mind and body. Using their palms, feet and thumbs to press their body weight along the muscle and acupoints of the body, the therapist will assist you in gentle yoga like stretches. *This is a clothed massage on a cushioned futon mat.